After having been involved in a car collision in Brisbane, what should you do? Even the best drivers can have accidents because accidents are unavoidable. People on board may sustain injuries if it occurs. Even though there may be strong emotions at the scene and potentially fatal injuries, there are particular procedures to follow. If at all possible, take the following actions after an accident:


Remain calm and at the location


Anyone involved in an accident should wait before departing the scene until it is appropriate. For instance, if someone was struck by your car and they died at the site or suffered catastrophic injuries, fleeing the area will result in a hit and run, which is a criminal traffic offense.


Review everyone on board


Priority should be given to saving lives if there are persons aboard both engaged cars or, if there is only one, to saving lives before entering the property. For people who have been hurt or who require an immediate medical checkup, call for medical help. Unless the person is in a dangerous situation that requires immediate evacuation, such as a fire or smoke, do not move them if they become comatose or appear to be experiencing back or neck pain. Instead, ask for a medical professional to respond.


Contact the police


Notify the law enforcement agency as soon as they arrive if there is significant property damage or injuries to passengers, let them analyze the situation and document it on the spot, and make an entry of the batch identifications of the officers who responded.


Informational exchange with the involved driver


Keep calm and courteous toward the other driver as much as you can while taking down all the pertinent information about the other driver (such as address, phone number, and basic insurance coverage information). However, refrain from apologizing on the spot as you might unknowingly accept legal liability. You might not know who was at fault after the accident. In any event, make every effort not to accept the fault unintentionally.


Look for any witness information


Ask each witness a few questions and make notes on what they have to say about the situation. Note or type down each person’s contact information, including name, address, and phone number. Ask the neighborhood residents if they have ever seen accidents occur there or nearby.


Call your insurance company as well as your Brisbane attorney right away


If you feel that you are in a desperate situation and your victim is bound to press charges and damages, it is best to hire motor vehicle accident lawyers located in Brisbane. Apart from that, you should also inform your insurance company  as soon as possible if you are involved in an inevitable accident. Give them information about the incident’s casualties and injuries, and cooperate by telling the truth about what happened. Give them the full story of the incident because if they learn anything unfavorable, you could risk having your cover denied since you are sowing discord. To talk confidently to your insurer, read the police record carefully to determine who was at blame and who actually violated the traffic regulations.


If you can, take photos


As evidence of damage, take actual photos of the vehicles involved in the collision; the insurer will use these images to determine how much you should be awarded. Additionally, keep a record of any medical costs for you, anyone you were involved with, and any injured parties.