Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Online Business

Content marketing is crucial for online business. There is no question about it. I understand this as a blogger but far too many businesses just don’t get it; nor do they even know what content marketing is.

They don’t know that their business is dwindling away, while their competitors are fast feeding on their ignorance to this topic.

Touch words? Yes! But good business is not always kind; just smart, ethical and efficient!

Definition of Content Marketing

What exactly is Content Marketing and why should you use it as a strategy to get more sales?

Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Online BusinessIn short, it’s the art of delivering content to an audience, while you build credibility and confidence in your brand and gradually marketing your message in the process.

You are a communicator; not a sales person.

Some key points here are:

  • You deliver great content to your readers on a topic they like.
  • You are gradually building brand awareness with your audience.
  • Your content is on topic with your product. This is good!
  • You market your products through credibility that grows over time.
  • Your number 1 priority is communication. Selling comes in at #2.
  • Like anything successful, it is a slow marketing process that pays reliable dividends.

A Good Content Marketing Strategy

A good content marketing strategy is to have a blog and publish content (articles) on the topic of your product. Preferably you publish relevant articles daily but weekly is also good. All the while, it is great for SEO purposes. Especially if you structure your articles properly.

Remember that your competition will do this sooner or later. Maybe even now!

On Learn How To Blog, I publish content every 2 days (for now) but am gearing towards daily articles. When we started, 1 article per week was the standard we set. Once our social signals started to grow, we grew the content faster.

In other words, we grew the content faster when we had more readers (and potential customers).

The key is to get started and put your content marketing strategy in place. Grow it at a pace that you can handle; then grow with it as you become more capable.

Outsourcing Any Topic

Don’t forget that you can outsource your content marketing to an agency. I understand as well as anyone that business owners are far too busy working in their business, and they can have very little spare time to work “on their business”. Hence, you can get others to handle the entire content marketing strategy for your business. It’s called outsourcing.

After all, isn’t it better that you do what you do best and leave the blogging to the experts?

If you think so, then outsourcing is an option for you. There are experts out there that can write content on any topic (because they know how to research) and publish it on your blog. It’s an option well worth your while to get more customers in your business.

Learn How To Blog provides a Content Marketing Service for businesses where we manage, research, write & publish content on a consistent basis, depending on the client’s need. I see it as a “must have” strategy for any serious business.

Permission Marketing

Consumers are now more savvy than ever. TV, Radio, Magazines & old school media flash interruption style marketing messages in front of their audiences all the time – and not when they choose to see it.

Permission MarketingPeople prefer to have a choice. Permission marketing allows people to see your sales pitch when they are ready for it.

Meanwhile, allow your audience to warm up to you with your great content. When your prospective customer is ready for your sales pitch, they will look for it.

Conveniently, your sales pitch is there all along, maybe in the sidebar of your blog, in a monthly newsletter, on your Facebook or Google Plus page, or when they decide to Google your brand.

You see, they know your brand now. You have flashed it in front of the readers all this time while they were reading your great content!

It is apparent why content marketing is crucial for online business. Most businesses don’t have the time to understand it, let alone implement it. But the ones that use it – they grow! In an age of growing marketing ethics, it is a permission marketing strategy that is ethical, effective and it builds sales.

So, when are you starting your content marketing strategy? Now is always a good time.

Feel free to comment below.


Sean Rasmussen is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005. Connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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50 Comments to Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Online Business
    • Dennis James Hazlett
    • G,day Sean.

      I get the idea is to give, with the idea to give more than one takes.
      Thanks Mate.

    • deirdre irvine
    • Makes real sense what you say in the above article TIES inwith the videos etc which Ihave beentryingtowatch At the moment life and illness are hindering my progress
      Deirdre Irvine attention SEAN Rasmussen

    • Beverley
    • Fantastic advice. Simple and straightforward. Less is more eventually. Thought blogs were complicated to set up but see they are pretty simple but must contain quality content. Thanks +Sean for the tips you so readily give.

    • Peter White
    • Hi Sean’
      I’m computer savvy but I have avoided blogging until now, so yes you could say this stuff is totally new.
      I’ve learn’t an enormous amount from you already but I’m still strugling making my business blogging page. I understand what I’m trying to do and I’ve written 6 articles already. I Just want to get that Facebook blog right and I’m away.
      I’ll get there… Peter White

    • Marie Abbott
    • Yes I am a beginner. I am just starting to get the website working and I see the advantage go learning to blog but with limited time I am becoming confused about where to start.

    • Jen Abel
    • Hi Sean, Good article. I have a fairly new blog All About Pigs, which is going reasonably well, and I am starting to get subscribers, so am happy. I post 3 times a week, and you give me more hope with saying it does take time. thanks

    • Trevor Judd
    • Yes a very beginner and absorbing your info as time permits have found nothing out there like what you are providing…have not created any blogs as yet..Cheers!!!

    • wayne winiata
    • Excellent Sean, your simple step by step information is slowly being absorbed. There seems so much to take in but I’m sure you are patient to help this slow learner.

    • Peter
    • Hi Sean
      I’ve been selling all my life but I didn’t realise that online marketing is just the same. Educate the customer,point out how the product will benefit them (or not as the case may be) and closing (or pointing them to a more suitable product) becomes the next logical step.
      I thought there must be some mysterious secret to online stuff! I may be old but I’m learning fast. Peter

    • Bharat
    • Thanks for the tips. I have build a website which is completely based on pregnancy & parenting. I have referred many articles related to SEO with good content,title & also put a lot of SEO (Keywords using Google planner) on my posts. But I’m not able to understand why my site is not gaining popularity & visitors. Please Help me i’m in big trouble.

    • Mark
    • Great post Sean, and your webinar the other night made it really clear.Deliver value before sales – so obvious now.

    • Dorothy
    • Content is the best way to achieve what advertising is supposed to achieve and also to get people to know, like, and trust your brand.

    • Rachel
    • Content marketing, I agree, indeed is crucial. And true, for me ‘Permission Marketing’ is very effective. ;) Great post, Sean!

    • Catherine Giray
    • Outsourcing is very helpful especially if you wish to publish new content regularly. If not busy enough to do it, there are really times when we’re not in the mood to write or we just can’t think of what to write about. Thanks Sean for always giving us helpful inputs. :)

      • LHTB Support
      • Hi Catherine, outsourcing also helps you manage your priorities specially into a business. Just make sure you get the right person at the right place. Like, do not hire a graphic artist to write contents, as well as do not hire content writers to produce graphics :)

    • Jennifer
    • It’s the quality of content that keeps them interested in your site. And once they feel you are providing valuable content, they will dig further into your website.
      When your website consistently offers content of the highest quality, your audience starts associating your website with content that is beneficial to them. This keeps them hooked onto your business, knowing you provide information that they’re happy with.

      • LHTB Support
      • Hi Jennifer, you’re right about readers being hooked with quality information, so every blogger should make sure the articles posted are based on facts and not just from anywhere :)

    • Jiyan Nicdao
    • It is important to take this into consideration be it for your business or blog. Creating and publishing valuable free content to attract readers and convert prospects into customers and maybe some customers into repeat buyers. You’re educating people with proper content so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business or read your blog’s content and keep coming back.

      • Catherine Giray
      • I agree with you Jiyan. The quality should still be at its best even if it’s offered for free. You are raising a bar every time you publish a content. So make sure to keep the quality, free or not.

    • Susan Wanmer
    • Thanks for the info Sean.
      Like you said in the webinar tonight, I hadn’t linked that ‘Content Marketing’ and Blogging are the same thing.
      Content Marketing always sounds like marketing your content, whereas blogging sounds like writing stuff!

    • Karla
    • Thanks Sean for another great training session. It’s all about getting smart with what you learn. When you help others to grow, you help yourself grow even more :)

    • Catherine Holt
    • The content is King phrase is there for a reason! Since I consistently post on my blog 3 times a week (and on set days), my traffic has certainly been increasing and steady. I like the idea of outsourcing the content, but I guess it’s also a trade off at first with the cost of this.

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