5 Tips To Protect Your Original Content

The Internet has made it extremely easy to get information and share content. However, because of the efficiency it provides, that also means you may need to protect your original content. As a content marketer your material is at risk for being snatched by people who wish to pass it off as their own.

Protect Your Original Content

Below, you’ll find 5 tips that can protect your original content. Safeguarding the originality of it is also a great way to further establish yourself as a notable blogger. It furthers the idea that when people want to read content that’s written with a fresh approach, your blog is the destination of choice.

1. Disable Right Click Functionality for Text and Images

By tweaking the HTML code or using a plug-in, you can disable the usual functionality available to a person who right clicks a mouse button. Specifically, this would prevent someone from using those options to directly copy the content, and then paste it on their own website.

2. Protect Your Original Content with a Close Eye on Things

One part of being an effective blogger is moderating your original content effectively. You have the ability to stop people who leave spam messages. You can also soothe the rising tempers of people who are involved in heated discussions within the confines of blog comments.

Also, when you’re perpetually present on a blog, that tells would-be plagiarists you’re not an easy target. Then they might not try to swipe your original content.

3. Avoid Publishing Duplicate Content

You can also take an even more robust approach by using a duplicate content checker (such as Copyscape). Some of these come at a price, but many include features that check each line of content so thoroughly, the peace of mind you’ll get will be well worth it.

4. Check for Plagiarism

A plagiarism checker is also helpful if you’ve been hit with the issue before and want to be more proactive moving forward. If you use outsourcing or guest bloggers to get your blog posts written, it’s worth doing some due diligence.

If you want to avoid publishing plagiarized content, check the originality until you trust the source that writes your content. Grammarly is a popular plagiarism checker.

5. Use Google Alerts to Protect Your Content

Consider setting up Google Alerts with your blog’s name. Be sure your original content contains easily identifiable phrases or branding terms that you can run searches on or set up alerts for.

This can add an extra layer of protection of your original content. It could help you catch plagiarists but it can also help you see where others are mentioning you online in a positive way. Such mentions  could deserve a ‘thanks’ or social media share noting an honourable mention.

Be Creative, and Keep Good Records

Don’t be afraid to adapt a strong writing voice and cover topics that are significant to you. In one sense, your creativity can actually be a content protector. Bring personality to your writing and it’ll be easier to showcase unique perspectives that aren’t easy for others to copy without drawing attention.

Elmarie Porthouse displays such personality in her guest posts. One great example is her post about writing Quality Content.

Finally, no matter how long ago you wrote a post, keep copies of it on your computer. If you ever need to prove how content is original, the date associated with the file’s creation will help.

The threat of plagiarism is certainly not something that should deter you from being an active blogger. Use the tips above to understand how there are ways to prevent reduce plagiarism and protect your original content.

Remember: Imitation is a form of flattery

If people plagiarize your original content, it means it was good enough to steal. I don’t take offense from my articles being copied. As a matter of fact, I take joy in finding my original content published elsewhere; with or without my permission.

Feel free to use parts of this article in the comments below ;)

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Sean Rasmussen is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005. Connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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19 Comments to 5 Tips To Protect Your Original Content
    • Elmarie Porthouse
    • Thanks for the mention, Sean. I never realized I reveal so much about myself in my writing until I reread my own article just now. I suppose it’s my way of taking selfies without using a camera-phone ;)
      I published an article to Ezine about 2 years ago. A week later, it was copied verbatim all over the web, even on the Norwegian Board of Education’s website. I was furious, since none of these sites even mentioned that I had written it. Neither Ezine nor Google could apparently do anything about it. Although the folks at Google did tell me that it could hurt the other sites’ ranking, since the search engines will pick up that it is duplicate content. I have since learnt to live with it but I have to tell you,it is no good feeling being ‘robbed’ like that.

    • Rachel
    • That’s a nice trick – disabling the right-click function on contents such as text and images. This at least will make make it not that easy for plagiarists to just copy your work and paste it somewhere else and as theirs.

    • Phil
    • HI Sean,
      Great tips, especially with the flow of 24 hour traffic through websites, makes it pretty hard to control and protect all your content.

      What is the protection on images on the internet, if they are there in public domain without copyright or trademark logos, is there law determining their use?


    • Dorothy
    • Plagiarism. This is indeed a sinful act for blogging! It ruins credibility, quality, and search engine rankings. This is reason enough why we should be careful and not plagiarized a content.

    • Catherine Giray
    • Thanks for these heads up Sean. Plagiarism is a big No-No in blogging. I don’t understand why some people still do it. It’s more of a harm than help to any website. The Google Alerts is pretty interesting too. :)

    • Jiyan Nicdao
    • I actually do not agree with someone copying someone’s blog post specially if it speaks about the blogger’s own knowledge and experience, although sharing the same article and giving due credit to the original author would be a great manner not only to the original author but also to your readers as you show them the transparency and honesty they deserve. Good Read. Thanks Sean.

    • Jennifer Abel
    • I agree Sean, that if someone copies my work, then it definitely is a compliment. Although a clever writer will not take your posts word for word, but rather take your idea and run with it in their own words.

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