4 Content Marketing Winners

We have 4 content marketing winners from 3 different countries and we are giving away $5,866 of prizes today. Let’s get into it and announce the prizes, followed by 3 cheers for the 4 winners!

Content Marketing Winners

1 winner was announced previously and now there are 3 more: 4 in total.

Content Marketing Winners – Learn How To Blog Memberships

These are the 4 winners to get 1 prize each of the Learn How To Blog 12 month program:

  • Loren Jackson from Australia.
  • Ally Wilson from New Zealand
  • David Ingham from England
  • Julie Anglesey from Australia

Please congratulate them here >> (opens in a new TAB)

Content Marketing Formula – Above & Beyond Prize

The winner, who went above and beyond in  the Content Marketing Formula is:

  • Loren Jackson from Australia

Loren, you have won a $1,997 program: Digital Product Mastery. Well done, Loren!

And I have decided to give an extra “above and beyond” prize to another diligent and passionate guy:

  • David Ingham from England

David is already a member of the Learn How To Blog program, learning about content marketing. Raising David to the next level was not a hard decision to make. Well deserved, mate!

Digital Product Mastery (DPM)

Loren and David both get the online homestudy program, Digital Product Mastery, currently selling for $1,997 AUD

David and Loren: You can check out the Digital Product Mastery Program here >>

To All The Content Marketing Winners:

Loren, Ally, David & Julie. I have sent you an email with your details. Please receive all the well-wishes and congratulations below in the comments.

To All Participants:

Thank you to everyone that participated in the content marketing competition. There were many worthy ‘potential’ winners, however I simply looked at the rules and followed them to establish the winners. The social signals on this blog, on Google+ and YouTube helped me gauge the 4 content marketing winners to score the prizes.

I know you have learned a lot. I kept myself very busy. Actually, ‘very busy’ is an understatement, and it was worth every moment of it.

Meanwhile, I am still planning more videos in the Content Marketing Formula series.

Learn How To Blog is Evolving

This is the last month (last week actually) that LHTB is offering the Learn How To Blog Program for a first month $1 trial. We have put over 1000 people through the program with a $1 entry and we feel that we have been generous enough in 2013.

In 2014, there will be a much different offer. The prices are changing but all existing members will stay the same (you keep the current deal). If you want to join LHTB Program, now is the time to do it.

Check out both of the programs here: LHTB & DPM Programs >> (opens is a new TAB)

Please congratulate the 4 content marketing winners in the comments below… (well done guys)

Once again, thanks to everyone that participated. You are all winners! Hang around on this blog and you will keep learning heaps about content marketing, social signals, SEO, making profits with a blog, and much more!


Sean Rasmussen is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005. Connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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19 Comments to 4 Content Marketing Winners
    • Rachel
    • WOW Congratulations to the winners! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) I’m sure 2014 will be a fruitful one, especially to Loren, Ally, David, and Julie!

    • Catherine Giray
    • Way to go David and Loren! Cheers to Julie and Ally too! Indeed a Merry Christmas to you guys… Congratulations!

    • David Ingham
    • Thanks Sean, WOW no better felling than to wake up to a prize on a Monday morning. I am so happy what a Christmas Present for the New Year I feel blessed Thank you:)

      Thanks Sean In the past month and been part of your Content Marketing Formula has helped me become more social by commenting on posts sharing on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stubleupon and writing good content for my blog every day. Just by following these steps my traffic to my blog has increased and my Alexa ranking has exploded :) and this happened all in one month :)

      I have met so many great people at the same time so it just shows you have fun in what you do and the results come :) Congratulations to Loren Jackson+Ally Wilson Julie Anglesey #Greateful #Blessed #Learnhowtoblog

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