Content Marketing Done For You

Content Marketing Done For You

Have you ever considered having your Content Marketing done for you? I admit, the thought appeals even to me. Even though I consider content marketing my forte, having someone else do it for me is a lucrative idea for any entrepreneur.

But it’s a bit like a great Brain Surgeon having another Brain Surgeon operate on him. He’d be a little concerned if he’d get the best possible job done! I’ve given my full time professional attention to internet marketing since 2004, hence I do my own content marketing for our businesses.

Content Marketing Done For You

In a moment I’d like to share with you the ‘stir’ I caused with my Real Estate Stab in last Friday’s article. But first I have a question for you:

Have you considered what you are missing out on, if you are not using content marketing to it’s potential in your business?

Do What You Are Best at in Your Business

Many business owners work IN their business – rather than work ON their business. The fear of delegation, of tasks you do better than anyone else, is a scary task (guilty as charged).

So the temptation to learn all the online strategies and do it yourself is overwhelmingly real – rather than have the content marketing done for you by an expert (who is actually really good at it).

Reality is: most small business go out of business in their first 2 years due to mismanagement. Fear of delegation is one of the mismanaged areas.

Mismanagement is also a massive reason behind lower profits & wasted resources in big business (just look at government who are effectively “big business”).

You MUST spend most of your time on what YOU are BEST at.

Leave the other tasks to “other people” who are good in their areas. In this case, get your content marketing done for you by an expert.

Hang on a Minute!

Hang on, I hear you say! ‘Sean, you teach people to do their own content marketing

Yes, I do. Many small businesses cannot afford the ‘content marketing done for you’ concept. Many want to do it themselves. I love teaching people and helping them master something, especially content marketing through blogs and social media.

I’m also a big fan of mindset and business management. They go hand in hand with success.

Bottom Line: You Want To Make Bigger Profits

If you don’t strive for improvement in your business – either through bigger profits, better service, or more satisfaction – then your business will eventually dissipate into a state of ‘shrinkage’.

In other words: your business will go down. It’s just a matter of time ‘how long’ or ‘when’ it will go under.

In Life You Either Evolve or Dissolve

There is no Neutral in life. Either you are Evolving or Dissolving. You’re either growing or shrinking.

Be it your body, fitness, relationships, business, you name it. Everything either grows or shrinks. It is always moving in one direction: Up or Down.

There is no coasting. No neutral…

So, if you coast in business, rest on your laurels, or take the competition for granted, then your business is in a state of ‘downwards movement’. It’s no different to riding a bicycle by standing still.

You fall over if there is no motion.

Father’s Business – Son’s Business – What Business?

Why do you think most businesses that ‘Dad built’ go broke when the Son takes over?

First: the Son didn’t build it, so he won’t truly value the business as much as Dad did.

Second: when the Son starts coasting (going into neutral), the business starts to dissolve.

Steptoe And SonSteptoe & Son

There are of course exceptions, but then again, truly successful entrepreneurs are usually exceptions to the rule. The point being that you have to move forward. Keep that momentum going – and growing.

And this is exactly why you need your content marketing done for you!

Be The Expert in Your Business – and Profit The Most

You be the expert in your business. Do what you are best at. Don’t do the things that others are better at. Focus on your strengths. Outsource the content marketing to others unless you are in the actual business of doing content marketing yourself.

And of course, only get the content marketing done for you if you can afford it. That probably goes without saying. Market within your means. If having it ‘done for you’ is outside of your budget, then learn it yourself. It’s not the best way for your business – but if it’s the only way – then do it.

Yes, I do have a comprehensive course that teaches Content Marketing for Your Business. I spoke for 2 hours on the phone yesterday to a former student of that course. He’s on track to make $105,000 AUD in 2014 and he made over $70k last year. (testimonial coming shortly)

Content marketing really works for those that take it seriously! How committed are you?

More Profits = More Marketing Potential

If your business has the potential to grow and profit, then it makes sense to grow your marketing too. Let it evolve! I deal with some businesses that see my fee as insignificant. Others (whom I do not do business with) think my fees are unjustified.

It’s all Horses for Courses.

Someone that already spends $10,000 per month on advertising will not think twice about spending $2,000 per month getting all their online content marketing done for them. It’s a no-brainer.

Especially if the $2,000 content marketing per month investment gradually reduces the existing $10,000/mth expenses.

But, if a business does not have $2,000/mth to move with, to invest in growth, then such a service is of course out of the question.

Back to The Real Estate Stir

A few days ago I published an article called Silver Lining on Every Cloud. In direct terms, I shared a story about a local Real Estate Agent that didn’t see the value in a content marketing service, that they requested I’d quote for them.

Of course, the price was the main reason for rejection. As a matter of fact, they only looked at the price and ignored the rest of the strategy outline.

The article I wrote caused quite a stir. As expected the feedback came in old fashioned ways (phone, email, word of mouth). I’m surprised some of the feedback didn’t arrive by snail mail, carrier pigeons, or pony express! The article was however passed onto some ‘industry relevant people’ by readers.

The outcome for me was favourable.

2 new clients have since joined up for the ‘Full Service’ and we have already started their projects to ‘wipe their competition’ (sorry, that is a ruthless way to put it. Let’s just call it ‘move with the times and help customers discover the best businesses available’).

This is yet another feather in the cap for using content marketing. By blogging about the topic (the Real Estate Stir), we got 2 new clients that are serious about dominating the search engine listings, Google Local, etc.

Content Marketing Done For You

At $2,000 per month, do you have the vision to see how this helps your business?

  • A purpose built professional website
  • 3 industry specific original articles written and published per week on topic
  • All articles are professional and written by native English speaking authors
  • Keyword research to target specific terms the competition ranks for
  • Website and articles designed to outrank your competition
  • Business profiles built and maintained daily on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Google Local business listings worked to outrank the competition
  • Google Reviews used to it’s potential
  • Exclusivity (we don’t work with your competitors)
  • Besides appointments with me and my team to tailor to your business, it is more or less a set and forget system. You do of course need to answer the phones, reply to emails and deal with extra customers, but that’s the whole point, right?

We don’t ask for contracts, so our clients can pull out any time they like. Bottom line is that nobody pulls out when they are making more profits. It’s a win-win situation.

Your Business Making More Profits

Imagine your business is making good profits right now. Would it be worth your while to have the content marketing done for you?

We only offer this service to a business that meets the criteria. That is established in an interview. Here are some of the points I look for in a business to see if they have what it takes to evolve and grow their profitability through content marketing.

Some key areas I look at:

  • Growth potential of the business.
  • Work ethic to handle the growth (business owner and team).
  • Profitability of products and services.
  • Competition: Who are they? Are they established online (properly)?
  • Can the business handle the monthly investment to maintain an edge over the competition?

Summing it up

As you can see, having content marketing done for you can be of great value to a business. You move with the times and it is best done by professionals. It gives you more focus on the areas where you can help your business most.

You only truly profit IN your business when you work ON your business.

If you are serious about growing your business and you want your content marketing done for you:

Book an interview with me here >> (opens in new window)

We only work with serious businesses that are committed to getting the best results.

Where do you put most of your time? Working IN your business – or ON your business? I welcome your comments below.

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  1. Dorothy

    May 16, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    I put my time more on learning but I guess I need to take action from what I’ve learned. Great article Sean.

    • LHTB Support

      June 4, 2014 at 1:43 pm

      That’s good to hear Dorothy, keep it up πŸ™‚

  2. Catherine Giray

    May 16, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    I like this “Do what you are best at. Don’t do the things that others are better at.” Delegate, as they say. Nice read Sean!

  3. Luanne

    May 16, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Would love to hear more about it! Thanks for the great info. πŸ™‚

  4. Jiyan Nicdao

    May 16, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Happy to discuss this Sean, surely a great deal.
    Speak soon! cheers!

  5. profesordeseo

    May 16, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    What do you think about use fake profiles to share information on the internet?


    • Sean Rasmussen

      May 19, 2014 at 10:01 am

      People that have nothing to hide, shouldn’t hide. Only use genuine profiles and use your name everywhere. That’s how brand and trust is built.


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