The Secret to Content Marketing Dollars

Making content marketing dollars sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Working on your own schedule, earning social proof, gaining online celebrity status (sort of)… Earning profits while you sleep or play golf or simply have fun talking to people online.

Content Marketing Dollars

But it’s not something everyone can do. Some people try and fail. Some give up quickly and some seem to keep going despite lack of profit. What’s the secret?

Some say the best way to make content marketing dollars is to not try to make money at all.

If you’re getting into content marketing as a get rich quick scheme you probably won’t succeed. If you get into blogging because it sounds like a fun thing to do that has money-making potential you’ll have a greater chance of success with it.

Get Rich Quick = Doesn’t Always Work

Reality is; anyone that is in a hurry to make money fast will usually fail based one simple fact: Money does not land in desperate pockets. It takes time and effort to earn rewards. There are baselines that have to be covered to “qualify you” to make content marketing dollars.

Desperation likes shortcuts. Shortcuts are likely to go unpaid.

The basics are simple: Quality, Hunger and Passion. Let’s have a look at how they can influence the flow of content marketing dollars into your pockets.

1. Quality First, Content Marketing Dollars Later

Of course you shouldn’t ignore monetisation opportunities…there are many ways to monetise your blog. But a good way to approach things is to make your first priority about building a good blog, creating readership, and providing value to readers.

If you do this, the content marketing dollars could start to come in as a by-product.

2. Don’t Let Hunger For Dollars Limit Your Potential

Many bloggers start off too gung-ho about the money making potential that they neglect to put quality and strategies in place. In other words, they are desperate and cut corners.

This could limit their success potential. It’s the sort of approach that results in many bloggers abandoning their blog before it has a chance to be successful.

There’s no standard time frame or success formula that will apply to every situation. Your blogging approach could bring about good results fast or it could take time and effort to earn your first content marketing dollars.

3. Passion Brings Success

The best way in the world to earn a living is to monetise your passion. If you blog with passion and provide something valuable to your readers not only will it not feel like work but your passion will show through. That could be the best way to build readership and build trust.

Readership and trust can eventually equate to profit.

Many successful bloggers enjoy their craft so much that it shines through. Some start off with blogging as a sideline and earn enough profits to make it their full time living. Others continue to keep it as a sideline and generate enough content marketing dollars to make that sideline profitable.

Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to start a blog, have fun with it first and that’ll bring you rewards including potential profit.

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Sean Rasmussen is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005. Connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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13 Comments to The Secret to Content Marketing Dollars
    • Patrick
    • Get rich quick schemes are all hoax. In order for you to succeed and get rich, you must be passionate, goal oriented and never give up! Most successful bloggers started somewhere and it’s your turn to reach it.

    • Jennifer Abel
    • I wanted to write a book, but so so glad to be introduced to blogging. So much easier and much more enjoyable doing a blog. One of the things I enjoy is when people enjoy my posts. It certainly does take time to build a trusting audience.

    • Rachel
    • You can and will only be successful in something you have utmost passion for :) And succeeding in whatever that is you’re passionate about, and earning from it couldn’t be more fulfilling! ;)

    • Dorothy
    • Passion Brings Success! I couldn’t agree more! Knowing your passion in life and bringin it into business couldn’t hurt.

    • Catherine Giray
    • I agree. Monetise your passion. As they say, do what you enjoy doing and you will never feel like you’re working. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone and getting the best of both worlds. :)

    • Jiyan Nicdao
    • This is so true Sean, it takes a huge amount of passion to stay connected in this type of business (hobby per say). If you give it enough attention, sure great success will come your way! Thanks for the good read :)

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